• 5.01 Waste paper, mixed

    Unsorted waste paper, separately collected from other material.
  • 5.02 Packagings, mixed

    A mixture of various sorts of used paper and board packagings, free of magazines and newspapers.
  • 5.03 Beverage carton packagings

    Used beverage carton packagings, including plastic-coated beverage carton packagings (with or without aluminium content), containing at least 50% weight proportion of fibres, rest aluminium or coatings.
  • 5.04 Kraft wrapping paper

    Used kraft wrapping paper with plastic inlays, sprayed or coated. Without bitumen or wax coatings.
  • 5.05 Wet labels

    Used, wet labels made of wet-strength paper, maximum 1% glass permitted and maximum 50% moisture content, without other undesirable substances.
  • 5.06 Wet-strength, white, wood-free papers, unprinted

    Unprinted, white, wet-strength, wood-free papers.
  • 5.07 Wet-strength, white, wood-free papers, printed

    Printed, white, wet-strength, wood-free papers.