• 2.01 Newspapers

    Newspapers containing maximum 5% solid-coloured newspapers or solid-coloured inserts.
  • 2.02 Unsold newspapers

    Unsold newspapers, free of solid-coloured inserts or solid-coloured leaflets which have been added afterwards.
  • 2.02.01 Unsold newspapers, Flexo printing non-permitted

    Unsold daily newspapers, free of solid-coloured leaflets or solid-coloureds inserts which have been added afterwards, cords permitted. Flexo printed material non-permitted.
  • 2.03 White chippings, slightly printed

    White chippings, slightly printed, mainly made of wood-containing paper.
  • 2.03.01 White chippings, slightly printed without adhesive binding

    White chippings, slightly printed, mainly made of woos-containing paper, without adhesive binding..
  • 2.04 White chippings, fully printed

    White chippings, fully printed, mainly made of paper containing wood.
  • 2.04.01 Weiße Späne, stark bedruckt

    White chippings, fully printed, mainly made of paper containing wood, without adhesive binding.
  • 2.05 Assorted office waste paper

    Assorted office waste paper.
  • 2.06 Coloured files

    Correspondance on printing and writing paper, mixed solid-coloured paper, printed or unprinted printing or writing paper. Free of carbon paper and paper folders.
  • 2.07 White books, woodfree

    Books, including book misprints, without hard book covers, mainly made of woodfree white paper, solely printed in black. The amount of coated paper is maximum 10%.
  • 2.08 Coloured magazines, woodfree

    Coated or uncoated magazines, white or solid-coloured, free of hard covers, adhesive bindings, non-dispersing printing colours and adhesives, poster paper or labels. Fully printed inserts and solid-coloured chippings are permitted. The amount of wood-containing papers is maximum 10%.
  • 2.09 Self-copying paper

    Self-copying paper.
  • 2.10 Bleached, PE coated cardboard, woodfree

    PE coated cardboard, bleached, woodfree, by cardboard manufacturers and processors.
  • 2.11 Other PE coated cardboards

    Unbleached cardboards and unbleached papers by cardboard manufacturers and processors are permitted.
  • 2.12 Coninuous forms, wood-containing

    Continuous forms, wood-containing, assorted in colours, permitted to contain recycled colours.