• Waste wood treated with wood preservatives, like sleepers, poles, hop poles, vine poles as well as other waste woods which do not belong into the waste wood categories A1 to A3 due to their contaminant loads, except for PCB waste wood.

This also includes the categorisation as PCB-containing waste wood which comprises waste wood containing polychlorinated biphenyls according to the PCB/PCT Ordinance of Waste and which has to be recycled according to these regulations. This particularly comprises insulation and sound absorption panels which have been treated with substances containing polychlorinated biphenyls.

In order to ease the use of these materials, we try to keep various waste wood channels separated to avoid that the different qualities mix. The quality of the single wood categories can be improved by technical sorting methods, like e.g. wind sifting of waste wood chippings in order to sort out coating residues.