• Iron scrap

    Ferrum, density 7,86;
    melting point 1535 °C
  • Mixed scrap

    Arising scrap metal, unsorted sheets, tubes, brackets, girders, smaller assemblies and machines
  • Heavy duty shears

    Heavy scrap, wall thickness 6-15 mm, length max. 6 m, width max. 2 m, girders, tubes, machines, sheet pilings, light rails
  • Reinforcing steel scrap

    Structural steel without adhesions
  • Shredded scrap

    Scrap with adhesions, non-ferrous metals, e.g. electric motors, concrete, plastics, wood, washing machines, car bodies, circular saws with motor
  • Burner scrap

    Heavy scrap, which cannot be processed through scrap shears. Rails, large metal constructions, material, length over 6 m or with a wall thickness of more than 15 mm
  • Casting scrap

    Machines and heating casts cannot be sheared, therefore they are crushed in dumps
  • Rail scrap

    Rails have to have a high material quality. Older rails, which mostly originate from the pre-war period, often contain a too high amount of phosphor and thus are not suitable.
  • Cupola scrap

    Scrap from foundries, like girders and rails with lengths of up to 40 cm, which can be processed with flame cutting tools.